Sisterhood Sampler

Sisterhood Sampler

Instructions for volunteers:


1. Type and email your recipe to by April 6th, 2017 for inclusion in our sampler cookbook. If the recipe is from a printed cookbook please write "adapted from ________________" and simply change some of the wording in the method section of the recipe.
2 When cooking your recipe for the sampler please at least double it.
3. Drop off information to follow.
4. Have fun and thank you.

Soup 4 Booked

Name Tina Lamm
Type Zucchini Basil Soup
Name Rachel Fryman
Type Carrot, tomato, curry soup
Name Anat Schick
Type French Lentil Soup
Name Sari Altmark
Type Onion Soup
Leafy Salad 1/10 Left Register Now

Name 1
Type 1
Name Ita flug
Type Apple walnut salad with cranberry vinigairette
Name Ariella Kesselman
Type Flat Bread Deli Salad
Name Avigayil Tannenbaum
Type Orange Kiwi Salad
Name Shira Greenberger
Type Shredded Corned Beef Salad
Name Eli Hausner
Type Broccoli Curry Salad
Name Rhonda Weiss
Type Mango Avocado Salad
Name Tova Isseroff
Type Apple Poppy Salad
Name Daniella Rosenberg
Type Sweet Potato Salad
Slaw Salad 2 Booked

Name Sarah Foux
Type 7 Layer Salad
Name Leah Heskovits
Type Cole Slaw
Quinoa Salad 1/2 Left Register Now

Name Tzipora baratz
Type michelles quinoa
Pasta Salad
Name Michal Talit
Type Tri Color Pasta Salad
Side Salad 3/6 Left Register Now

Name Shoshie Dworetsky
Type Sugar Snap Pea Salad
Name Daniella Guterman
Type Asian Cabbage Salad
Name Bonnie Kupchik
Type Corn Salad
Rice Salad 2 Booked

Name Adina Itzkowitz
Type Cranberry Rice
Name Adina Frankel
Type Roasted butternut squash orzo
Potato Salad 2 Booked

Name Judy Feldman
Type Sticky potatoes
Name Kari Levine
Type Crispy Potato Bake adapted from Bais Yaakov Cookbook
Starchy Salad 1/4 Left Register Now

Name Clara Steinman
Type Corn beef spaghetti salad
Name Sam Kramer
Type Chicken pot pie
Name Rachel Rosenbaum
Type Creamy eggplant pasta
Sweet Side 4 Booked

Name Naomi speiser
Type Cranberry noodle kugel
Name Becky Ciment
Type Blueberry Apple crisp
Name Teri Lubin
Type Apple, cucumber, corn salad
Name Michelle Zeitlin
Type Honey Roasted Carrots with Tahini Sauce
Savory Side 2 Booked

Name Rivie Blum
Type Deconstructed Ratatoullie
Name Daniella Schlusselberg
Type Hush Puppy Deli Roll Pinwheels
Dessert 3/15 Left Register Now

Name Daniella Markowitz
Type Coffee Cake Cookies
Name Rebecca Feldman
Type Honey Sugar Cookies
Name Shira Zwiren
Type Honey Chamomile Cupcakes
Name Sarah Auman
Type Oatmeal Cookies
Name Alyssa Schuck
Type Jenny's Lemon ice cream pie
Name Ayelet Mottahedeh
Type Harvey Walkbanger
Name Gari Ann Harris
Type Apple Delight
Name Deborah Rockoff
Type Chocolate Spiders
Name Arielle Cohen
Type Easy Breezy Thin Mints
Name Avigayil Tannenbaum
Name Malkie Merrill
Type Margarine free chocolate chip cookies
Name Rachel Sacknovitz
Type Plum Torte
Pick your own favorite recipe 3/5 Left Register Now

Name Aliza perl
Type Apple kugel
Name Chanie ginsburg
Type Butternut squash pie


Sun, 30 April 2017 4 Iyyar 5777