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Calendar Reservation

Use the form below to submit a request to the Community Calendar Coordinator for an upcoming event.

  • Members of the West Hempstead Jewish community are asked to update the calendar with their smachot as a means of avoiding conflicts with other West Hempstead families who are also celebrating upcoming events. Please note that smachot are only visible to members of our community who have login credentials to this site.
    • Members of the YIWH have individual member accounts, while members of the other West Hempstead area shuls can obtain credentials from their respective shul offices.
  • Organizations are asked to post their events, both to avoid conflicts and to serve as a central location for this type of useful information. 

Smachot / Family events: Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Engagement, Auf-Ruf, etc.

Organization events: Dinner, Graduation, Open House, etc.

If applicable

Name of Bar/Bat-Mitzvah boy or girl, Chosson & Kallah, etc.

If weekend, enter Friday date and use weekend indicator in next question. Click on the downward arrow at the right side of this date box to see a 'pop-up' calendar.

Name of venue, or city if out of town

Private reservations are intended for not-yet-announced engagements, wedding dates not yet confirmed, etc.


Mon, October 15 2018 6 Cheshvan 5779