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YIWH 67th Anniversary Dinner

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Meet The Honorees

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CSS Members - Guests of Honor

The Community Security Service (CSS) is the leading Jewish volunteer security organization in the United States. Founded in 2007, the CSS was the first organization to bring to the United States the ideology that protecting Jewish life starts with taking ownership of our own security. The CSS is focused on training volunteers in basic security procedures to help protect their institutions and events across the country.

 The CSS volunteers in our Shul have each undergone intense training and education in order to maintain a first line of defense in case of an attack on our shul.  Of course the hope that this would be unnecessary is still in the forefront of our minds, however, that is not a reality in todays world.

These brave individuals have committed to ensuring the safety of our members while putting themselves directly in the line of fire. They have devoted endless hours of sacrifice for the sake of their fellow members safekeeping. Standing outside in the cold, rain, snow or sun on guard diligently patrolling their surroundings is heroic.

These members of CSS take their roles and assignments very seriously. They have planned and trained for various scenarios, run drills and worked closely with local law enforcement to establish a high level of preparedness.

We all owe each and every one of these volunteers our gratitude and respect for not only all that they currently do but also for their willingness to act should the need ever arise.  May Hashem watch over them and their households as they watch over us.

Neil Torczyner - Community Service Award 

Neil Torczyner was born in Oceanside, NY and is a graduate of Yeshiva University high school, Kerem B’Yavneh, YU, and Cardozo Law School.

Neil and his wife Sarah moved to West Hempstead with their children in 2002 and immediately contributed to the Jewish community. An early member of the Young Israel’s daf yomi chaburot, Neil joined the rotation as a maggid shiur in 2005, introduced the weekly daf yomi at then ECC/ YI North in August 2012 and continues to serve as coordinator and maggid shiur to promote daf yomi throughout Young Israel and the West Hempstead Community. He manages the weekly livestream of Rabbi Frand’s shiur, connecting the West Hempstead community to the wider audience for this tremendous learning opportunity. Neil also created the Friday night dvar torah series at YIN in 2009, providing opportunities for community members to share words of torah with the minyan.

Neil has been a member of the YI Board since 2011, served as Gabai Shlishi as well as on numerous committees including the Adult Education committee and the Assistant Rabbi search committee, and delivers divrei torah whenever he is called upon. A regular baal koreh and baal tefillah at numerous minyanim, Neil’s contributions are essential to maintaining the quality of tefillah within the shul. 

Neil has served as a Little League coach for the YI team, coordinator of the Parent-Child Learning program, organized the Shabbos Project programming and co-chaired the 2020 COVID antibody testing program at the YIWH.

We are pleased to honor Neil Torczyner with the Community Service award for this year’s dinner, and congratulate him and Sarah, and their children Penina and Eli, Yael, Moshe and Tali. 

Rebbitzen Rochi Kelemer - Aishes Chayil Award

Rebetzin Kelemer grew up in Crown Heights and lived there until she got married. Her parents, Rabbi Shmuel Dovid and Tzivia Walkin, and her siblings were Holocaust survivors who lived during the war in Shanghai. Rebetzin  Kelemer is the only American born child. Her parents’ home was a “בית ועד חכמים” – a home permeated with Torah and Chessed.

Rabbi and Rebetzin Kelemer started out their married life in Eretz Yisrael. Rabbi Kelemer was learning in the Mirrer Yeshiva.  They were part of a handful of Americans living in Israel at that time. They were in Israel when the Six Day War broke out.  It was a life changing experience. They were Zoche to see amazing miracles and meet wonderful people. 

From there they continued on with their life journey. Some of their children were born in Israel, some in Boston and the rest in West Hempstead. 

The Rabbi and Rebetzin’s dream was to create the home of their families. Baruch Hashem, with much “Siyata D’Shmaya”, their children are all amazing. West Hempstead will always be their “home”.

Izzo Zwiren - Young Leadership Award

Izzo Zwiren joined the West Hempstead community and our Young Israel in 2015.  Ever since he moved in, Izzo has taken on many roles within the community and the shul, which has become a fundamental aspect of his life.

Currently in the role of Recording Secretary and board member, Izzo takes pride in being closely involved with many parts of the shul, including as a member of the Men’s Club, Shalosh Seudos committee chairman, Youth Committee member, writer and director of the video for the Dinner Committee, and Kiddush Committee chairman for the 8:35 Yeshiva Style Minyan. Izzo also helped to lead a number of events, including a Zoom trivia night and the highly successful Comedy Night.

Aside from his main profession in healthcare administration, Izzo hosts the popular Jewish Living Podcast, which touches on all aspects of Orthodox Jewish life. Izzo is also a columnist for the Queens Jewish Link.

Izzo and Shira, along with their children, Emma and Callie, hope to see the continued growth of our Young Israel, and the West Hempstead community as a whole.


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