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Shul Wide Kiddush

Saturday, May 27, 2017 • 2 Sivan 5777

11:15 AM - 12:00 PMNorth Lawn

Our next Shul Wide Kiddush will be held Shabbos, May 27th.

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Sponsorships will be accepted until noon on Friday, May 26.

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Sponsors Dedication
Kushner Family  In memory of Doris Kushner, Devorah bat Tsvi Hersch and in honor of our Rabbis, Rabbi Kelemer and Rabbi Goller
Robin and David Ritholtz Thank You: To the entire community for their tremendous support after the passing of my mother: Duba Chaya bas Yosef.
Robin and David Ritholtz Thank You: To our esteemed Rabbi Kelemer and Rabbi Goller, and their Rebetzins, for guiding and inspiring us through life's ups and downs. May you continue to do so in good health, AMV"S.
Robin and David Ritholtz Thank You: To Richie Miller for his most selfless and dignified service to our community.
Meryl and Jeremy Strauss In honor of the devoted Rabbinate of the YIWH
Young Families Minyan In appreciation to the Rabbonim and all of their help towards our community as well as our minyan
Mark Cohen and Roberta Weinstein-Cohen In honor of the graduation of our daughter, Rivka Cohen, from Brandeis University, magna cum laude, and in honor of Rabbi Kelemer, with best wishes for a refuah shelema!
Tzippora & David Baratz In honor of Rabbi Kelemer and Rabbi Goller
Lori and Yehuda Friedman In honor of Rabbi Kelemer, Rabbi Goller and the dedicated leadership. 
Arnold and Esther Gerson and family Welcome home Rabbi Kelemer! We are so grateful that Hashem has returned you to us in good health.
Thank you Rabbi Goller for all you have done and continue to do for our  wonderful community.
Rabbi Kelemer and Ruchi and Rabbi Goller and Rachelle West Hempstead would not be the same without you.
Gail & Jay Lang In commemoration of the observed yahrzeit, on Yom Yerushalayim, of Gail's mother's family who perished in the Shoah and in Honor of the upcoming marriage of our son Benzion, of Beitar Illit, Israel, to Nechama Price, of Telz Stone, Israel, which will take place iy"H on June 18th, in Yerushalayim Ir Hakodesh.
Angela J Leach In gratitude to HaShem for my third anniversary as a giyores. In gratitude to HaShem for the return home and continuing recovery of Rabbi Kelemer. In gratitude to the West Hempstead Shuls community for their ongoing welcome and support.
Syma and Jerry Levine In honor of our Rabbis and Rebbetzins and our President and Vice Presidents and their spouses and families and our entire Board. 
Harold and Sharon Lipsky In honor of our esteemed Rabbi Kelemer and his Rebbetzin. May he continue on his road to a complete refuah. And thank you to Rabbi Kelemer and Rabbi Goller for their amazing dedication to our shul. The Young Israel family is very blessed. 
Gila and Bob Margulies In Honor of our grandchildren Emma and Callie Zwiren, and Kira and Jesse Margulies 
Hilda and Nejat Rahmani In commemoration of the Yahrzeits of Nejat's Father: Chain ben Shimon, A"H and Brother: Avinoam ben Chaim
Wendy and Stuart Riback For the shloshim of Wendy's father Efrom Lebow a"h, and in appreciation for the assistance and support of the shul and community during the week of shiva.
Channie & Michael Sosnay Hakarat hatov to Hashem for Rabbi Kelemer's continued Refuah Sh'leimah.
Yasher Ko'ach to Rabbi Kelemer & Rabbi Goller for being such wonderful role models for the entire community! 
Elsa and Don Wilen Don and Elsa Wilen Celebrating 50 Years in West Hempstead and their 53rd Wedding Anniversary both on May 31
Shevi Cohen For  a refuah shelemah  of Mordechai Zev hakohen Ben Feiga
Jani and Arthur Cooperberg  In honor of our esteemed Rabbeim, Rabbi Kelemer and Rabbi Goller
Rabbi Mel & Esther David In loving memory of Irene David - Shanydel bas Chaim Dovid A"H
Marshall & Rebecca Dumont Commemorating Rebecca's father yahrzeit: Louis Sternlicht, Aryeh ben David Halevi and Marshall's mothers yahrzeit: Dorothy Dumont, Devorah Rivka bat Yaacov Meir
Darren Edelstein  In honor of our dedicate Rabbis. 
Akiva and Talia Fried Should be a zechus for a continued shelaima for Rabbi Kelemer and should be a Refuah Shelaima for Dovi Muchnick (Dov Nechemia Hakohen ben Rochel Chaya Sarah).
David & Rachel Fryman Lkavod Rabbi Kelemer & Rabbi Goller
Chanie & Nechemia Ginsburg In honor of our very special husband and father, Nechemia Ginsburg. Happy Birthday!  
Mala and Sid Glanz In honor of Rabbi Kelemer and Rabbi Goller and the birthdays of our grandchildren Binyamin and Ezra.
Irv & Janice Goller In honor of Rabbi Kelemer's return to our community, B'H, and of our many blessings- including our wonderful children: Rabbi Josh and Dr Rachelle Goller, Adam & Yael Goller, and our  beautiful grandchildren
Lorraine and Jay Hill In memory of Sally Appel z"l
Donnie and Tova Isseroff  
Eli & Rosemary Kahn Commemorating the yahrzeits of their fathers, Andrew Liotta and Rabbi Howard Kahn, z’l being observed in May.
Naomi & Steve Lassar In Memory of the 18th Anniversary of the Yahr Tzeit of EMANUEL LASSAR
Faige Lefkowitz Sponsored by Faige Lefkowitz and children Elana, Shana, Gabi & Matt in honor of Akiva's birthday
Seymour & Mindy Liebman In honor of Rabbi Kelemer's return and continued refuah shlemah, with hakarot hatov to Rabbi Goller for his dedication and hatzlacha raba to Rabbi Neuberger 
Helaine & Josh Linder Hakarat Hatov to our outgoing President & his Aishet Chayil, Harold & Sharon Lipsky
Vivian and Ernest Miller In honor of  Rabbi Kelemer and Rabbi Goller for their outstanding dedication to our community. 
Igal and Rivka Rahmani In honor of our esteemed Rabbi and Rabetzen, HaRav and Rabbetzen Kelemer. May we have the merit to be blessed by your leadership for years to come.
With gratitude to Rabbi Josh Goller and his family for their leadership and hard work during Rabbi Kelemer's absence; and Rabbi Goller's ongoing and tiring service to the community.
Brian Rosen  
Edmund Rosenblum In honor of Rabbi Kelemer & Rabbi Goller and In honor of my upcoming brithday
Sheldon &  Roxana Rybak In honor of  our amazing children & grandchildren.
Tara & Ari Silbiger- Jacob, Rafi, and Isaac.
Kari & Joshua Levine- Atara, Tamar, Shoshana and Meira.
Beth and Jerry Schiff and family With Hakarat Hatov to the amazing Rabbinic leadership of our Shul.
Chazak V'Ematz
Brian Thau In Honor of the Rabbis, In Honor of my daughter Rachel graduating Touro University and In Honor of Yerushalayim
Naomi & Yossi Wargon Thank you to Rabbi Kelemer, Rabbi Goller, and Rabbi Neuberger for their dedication to the community.


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Wed, May 23 2018 9 Sivan 5778