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Kiddush Room / Kiddush Sponsors

The 9:00AM Shabbos and Yom Tov minyan that takes place in the YIWH Kiddush Room is open all comers, from young to 'older'.  To help beautify our shabbos and create an inviting atmosphere of achdus, we invite you to sponsor a kiddush for any reason: a Yahrzeit, a Birthday, a Siyyum, a Simcha, or just to spend some time talking with friends, or making new ones (after davening of course :-).

Please select a sponsorship level  and date using the form below, and we thank you in advance.

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Please contact Ben Kramer, our Kiddush Administrator, with any questions by using the form below.


Wed, May 23 2018 9 Sivan 5778