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Siddurim & Chumashim Dedication

The Young Israel thanks you in advance for your dedication and assistance as we update our library of Siddurim and Chumashim throughout the Shul.

The shul will use your dedication as you indicate below, to purchase ArtScroll Tiferes Tzvi Siddurim or Artscroll Stone Edition Chumashim.  

Click here to see the names of our members and friends who have already made a generous to donation to this campaign.


YIWH Members: Please note that you must be logged into your account if you wish to "Bill your account" for this donation, otherwise you must make an immediate credit card payment.  Thank you.

If no minyan is selected, the seforim will be placed into the Main Shul.

Please note that YIWH Members in Good Standing may choose to pay by "Billing to their Account", all others are asked to make an immediate payment.  Thank you


Wed, May 18 2022 17 Iyyar 5782