President's Greeting

Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Young Israel of West Hempstead!

The Young Israel of West Hempstead Sisterhood is the center of charitable, educational and social activities for the women of the shul. Our programs strive to unite the diverse women of our community by creating a sense of purpose, involvement and friendship. The Sisterhood performs many of the tasks necessary to maintain our shul’s status as the thriving center of religious life in our community. We run a wide variety of programs, events and activities providing an opportunity for women to learn and socialize.

We encourage all female members to become involved with our many excellent programs.  Volunteers are always needed and new ideas are always welcome. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or via email.

Becky Ciment and Deborah Plotsker

Sisterhood Officers

 Presidium Becky Ciment, Deborah Plotsker
 Executive Vice Presidents Adina Frankel, Anat Schick
 Fund Raising VPs Teri Lubin, Chanie Ginsburg, Judy Feldman, Ayelet Mottahedeh, Nancy Greenberg, Faye Shapiro, Malkie Merrill, Sarah Traurig, Sharon Wenger
 Membership VPs Rachel Rosenbaum, Gari Ann Harris, Michal Talit
 Treasurer Sheri Feldman
 Financial Secretary Naomi Goldenberg
 Corresponding Secretaries Lucy Beim, Naomi Speiser, Elisa Rosen, Rena Flaum
 Recording Secretary Daniella Rutner
 Social Secretaries Tina Appel, Mindy Gage, Risa Pollack, Helen Rosenstark, Riva Brum, Annalee Ickowics, Phyllis Rayman
Programming Vice Presidents
 Activities Ita Flug, Allison Gross, Shani Auerbach, Feigy Klein, Rachel Sacknovitz, Esther Kahn, Deborah Rockoff, Kari Levine, Shulamith Hurwitz, Meryl Strauss
 Senior Activities Beth Schiff, Karen Ehrenreich
 Education Bonnie Kupchick, Leah Brick, Shevi Cohen, Rivkie Lamm

Committees and Chairpeople

 Chesed Silvia Borenstein, Sari Kahn, Ruchi Kushner, 
Malkie Merrill, Rachel Rosenbaum, Rachel Sacknovitz, Alyssa Schuk, Dina Selesny
 Hospitality Betty Aboff, Leah Herskovits, Michelle Zeitlin
 Simcha Connection Sharon Lovy, Chaya Pollak
 Shavuot/Aliyah Tea Michelle Friedman, Karen Reisbaum
 Mishloach Manot Anita Grossman, Nechama Taber
 Public Relations Jessica Koenigsberg, Rina Hirsch
 ECC Liaisons Wendy Nenner, Jen Toplan
 Shema Koleinu Channie Stein, Rhonda Weiss
 Historian Melody Harris
 YIWH Bulletin Editor Rhona Rose
Sat, June 24 2017 30 Sivan 5777