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Rabbinic Leaders

Rabbi Joshua Goller

Rabbi Joshua Goller is a proud West Hempstead and YIWH product. Having grown up in our shul, Rabbi Goller experienced the unique ta’am  which our shul is known for and learned 1st hand from his beloved predecessor Rabbi Kelemer zt”l 

Rabbi Goller began his Rabbinic career as the Rabbinic Intern at the YI of Jamaica Estates, eventually assuming the role of Assistant Rabbi for a total of 9 years. In July 2013, Rabbi Goller and his family moved back to the community to assume the Assistant Rabbi position. In July 2021, Rabbi Goller was appointed to the position of Rabbi of YIWH. 

Rabbi Goller loves building meaningful relationships with  people, guiding shul families through life’s ups and downs and bringing exciting programs to our shul. Having spent close to 20 years in chinuch, Rabbi Goller has a special affinity for teaching Torah and engaging our teens and youth. 

Rabbi Goller’s family is deeply connected to our shul community. He is married to Dr. Rachelle Goller and they are blessed with 4 children: Yehuda, Gavriel, Penina and Yaakov. 

Rabbi Yaakov Abramovitz
Assistant Rabbi

Rabbi Dr. Yaakov Abramovitz received semicha from RIETS in 2019, and graduated with his doctorate in Clinical and School Psychology at the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology in May 2023. By blending the traditional wisdom of the Torah with the latest research in Psychology, he strives to provide meaningful insight and practical guidance to both individuals and the community at large. Rabbi Abramovitz previously served for three years as an Assistant Rabbi at the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills before moving to West Hempstead together with his wife, Ahuva, and their children: Emmie, Ayelet, and Binyamin. 


Rabbi Meir Finkelstein
Rabbinic Associate

Rabbi Meir Finkelstein is the Rabbinic Associate at the Young Israel of West Hempstead, and serves as the Rosh Kollel of the Young Israel’s summer Kollel. Additionally, he is a Wexner Kollel Elyon fellow and a Master’s student at the Bernard Revel Graduate School. Rabbi Finkelstein received his semikha from the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary and holds a degree in Psychology from Yeshiva University. Prior to that, he studied in Eretz Yisrael for two years in Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh. Rabbi Finkelstein has had the privilege of spending six years studying under Rabbi Hershel Schachter and three summers studying under Rabbi Mordechai Willig.

Shul Officers

June 2022 - May 2024

 President Richard Feldman
 1st Vice President Avrumie Kahn
 2nd Vice President Alison Gross
 3rd Vice President Ari Kirshblum
 4th Vice President Izzo Zwiren
 Treasurer Robert Selevan
 Financial Secretary David Kesselman
 Corresponding Secretary Rivie Blum
 Recording Secretary Michelle Zeitlin
 1st Gabbai Aryeh Schlusselberg
 2nd Gabbai Bob Harris
 3rd Gabbai Eli Rosenberg


Board Meeting Attendance can be viewed here.

Past Presidents

 Murray Simpson 1955 - 1957
 Morris Dershowitz A"H 1957 - 1959
 Seymour Schmerler A"H 1959 - 1961
 Dan Schachter A"H 1961 - 1964
 Lippman Bodoff A"H 1964 - 1964
 Henry Siegman 1964 - 1966
 Alex Fuchs A"H 1966 - 1967
 Larry Odess A"H 1967 - 1968
 Seymour Zimilover A"H 1968 - 1970
 Leon Gross A"H 1970 - 1972
 Don Feldstein 1972 - 1974
 Ephraim Haimson A"H 1974 - 1976
 Mark Nathanson 1976 - 1977
 Stephen Lassar 1977 - 1979
 Myron Sokal 1979 - 1981
 Martin Schiowitz 1981 - 1983
 Robert Grosberg 1983 - 1985
 Ira Stavish 1985 - 1987
 Harvey Liebman 1987 - 1989
 Erwin Schiowitz 1989 - 1991
 Shimmie Ehrenreich 1991 - 1993
 Arnold Levine 1993 - 1995
 Joel Klein 1995 - 1997
 Mark Nathanson 1997 - 1999
 Paul Reinstein 1999 - 2001
 Alan Eisenman 2001 - 2003
 Robert Harris 2003 - 2005
 Owen Rumelt 2005 - 2007
 Abraham Borenstein 2007 - 2009
 Simmie Chiger 2009 - 2011
 Dov Kesselman 2011 - 2012
 Seymour Liebman 2012 - 2013
 Lester Bleich 2013 - 2015
 Harold Lipsky 2015 - 2017
 David Baratz 2017 - 2019
 Arthur Cooperberg 2019 - 2022
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