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President's Greeting

Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Young Israel of West Hempstead!

The Young Israel of West Hempstead Sisterhood is the center of charitable, education and social activities for the women of the shul. We provide programming to the community with the goal of uniting our members and creating a sense of purpose, involvement and friendship. Over the course of the year our programming includes social events, educational events, we run the shul’s Mishloach Manot campaign and support the Simcha Connection, as well as supporting Shul projects and our Youth Department. We also provide community services including welcoming new members, providing shiva and baby meals, and coordinating elderly visits.

We welcome and encourage all female shul members to get involved in our exciting activities! Please email for more information or to sponsor any activities or programming.

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Gari Ann Harris and Tova Isseroff


Sisterhood Officers

 Presidium Gari Ann Harris, Tova Isseroff
 Executive Vice Presidents Eli Hausner, Daniella Rosenberg
 Treasurer Wendy Nenner
 Recording Secretary Nechama Taber

Committees and Chairpeople

Fundraising Committee Chair:
Daniella Rosenberg

Bake Sales:
Chair: Gila Miller

Michal Talit, Shani Auerbach, Jessica Ganchrow

Alumah Pitterman, Nancy Greenberg, Rachel Sacknovitz, Lisa Keehn, Ita Flug, Devorah Nadelbach, Shani Malitzky

Mishloach Manot
Ita Flug, Sarah Trauring, Meryl Strauss, Shiffy Herman, Feigy Lefkowitz, Adina Frankel 

Programming and Ongoing Activities 
Chair: Eli Hausner 

Ladies Summer Camp 
Michelle Lustdbader, Daniella Marks 

Winter Night Out 
Chair: Orlie Taber 
Lori Friedman, Ariella Goldhammer 

Spring Event 
Chair: Avi Tannenbaum 
Ariella Kesselman, Danit Goldgrab, Danielle Schlusselberg 

Chair: Rachel Fryman 

Pirkei Avos 
Rivkie Lamm 

Shabbas Mevarchim Lecture Series 
Shevi Cohen 

Jessica Koenigsberg, Elana Rand 

Shema Koleinu 
Chanie Stein Elana Rand Shira Zwiren 

Chair: Rachel Sacknovitz 

Rides: Dina Selesny 
Cooking Teams (shiva meals, sick meals): Alyssa Schuck, Rachel Rosenbaum 
New Baby Shabbos Meals: Feigy Klein 
Elderly Visits: Rachel Sacknovitz, Becky Ciment 
Tehillim Groups: Beth Chiger 

Chairs: Rivie Blum Joy Szpiegel 

Elisheva Gross, Melissa Strazynski, Tracy Lloyd, Chaya Kohn, Gwen Soskel, Esther Gottlieb 

Giveback Sunday 
Chair: Ayelet Mottahedeh 

Jen Toplan, Kari Levine, Lucy Beim 

Chair: Michelle Zeitlin 

Daniella Markowitz, Shira Silber, Shoshie Dworetsky, Betty Aboff 

Condolence Cards 
Analee Ickowics 

Life Cycle - Bar and Bat Mitzvah Gifts 
Tina Appel. Risa Pollack 

Lifecycle - New Baby Gifts 
Rivi Brum, Leah Herskowitz 

Simcha Connection 
Chaya Pollack, Sharon Lovy 

Young Israel North Liaison 
Jessica Ganchrow 

Aliyah Tea 
Karen Reisbaum, Michelle Friedman 

Social Media 
Sarah Auman 

Melody Harris

Wed, May 29 2024 21 Iyyar 5784