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Those In Need


There are services and programs available in our community to help the unemployed, under-employed, and those who are struggling financially.  These programs include the West Hempstead Food Bank,Tomchei Shabbos, and established funds. We encourage you to use the services and programs available. All these services and programs are here to help in the most sensitive, discreet, and respectful manner. 

West Hempstead Food Bank


The West Hempstead Food Bank offers fresh food, a fully-stocked pantry of dry goods and weekly distribution of Tomchei Shabbos packages to those in our neighborhood in need of food. The distribution methods have been designed to ensure confidentiality and the anonymity of the recipients; even the volunteers involved with the Food Bank do not know the identity of the recipients.

Store-bought dry goods can be deposited in the Food Bin located outside the Rabbi’s office, at the other shuls in West Hempstead or at I&D Glatt. The food bin and I&D is only for food bought at I&D and then donated. I&D gives a 15% discount for the donated food.  Checks can be made payable to the Young Israel of West Hempstead with ‘Food Bank’ indicated on the memo line. 

An individual’s identity is not a requirement to obtain food. Visit the website to understand how the Food Bank provides services to those in need in West Hempstead while maintaining complete confidentiality. 

Tomchei Shabbos


Packages of food prepared by Tomchei Shabbos of Queens are available to be picked up on a weekly basis at the West Hempstead Food Bank.

To ensure your privacy, the Tomchei Shabbos package will not be delivered to your home. If you would like more information about Tomchei Shabbos in West Hempstead and how you can obtain a weekly package, please visit

To make contributions to Tomchei Shabbos - please contact David Lubin.

There is a related program to reduce your food shopping bill by 30% - contact Rabbi Kelemer for more info.

Stop & Shop Food Card Program


Stop and Shop cards are available confidentially from Rabbi Kelemer. You can use these cards to buy food at any Stop and Shop Supermarket. The cards are the same cards that are available for purchase at the supermarkets, ensuring confidentiality and discreetness.

Rabbi's Fund and Sarah Moskowitz Free Loan Fund


These funds are to provide those in need with significant financial help as determined by Rabbi Kelemer. The funds are administered by Rabbi Kelemer and obviously all requests are confidential and discreet. You may contact Rabbi Kelemer at (516) 481-7429, extension #1.

The Sarah Moskowitz Free Loan Fund was started in 1994, with the express purpose of providing interest free loans to members of the shul who have lost their jobs or suffered some other temporary financial setback. The fund was dedicated in memory of Avi Moskowitz's mother, Sarah Moskowitz, who was known for her chesed activities and who ran a free loan fund in Boro Park for many years before her untimely death at the age of 45 in 1978.

The fund is administered by Rabbi Kelemer and he is the only person who is aware of the identity of the recipients of loans. Since its inception, the fund has made of loans totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because the money raised is loaned rather than given as gifts, the repayment of the loans enables the money to circulate over and over again.

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