Sisterhood Programs

Key Functions

Hospitality – Among our most important functions is to welcome guests and find comfortable accommodations. Please let us know of anyone interested in visiting for Shabbos that needs a place to stay.

New Membership – Sisterhood matches each new family with a buddy to ease their transition into the community and hosts a “new member tea” to help them feel right at home.

Gift to Our Members - Mark special occasions by giving members gifts for births, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and weddings.

Gifts to the Shul – Sisterhood purchased a brand new Sefer Torah and furnished the Kiddush room and youth wings. We also sponsored upgrades of the restrooms, kitchens, shiva notification system and purchased AEDs (automated external defibrillators) for the shul.

Simcha Connection – We are dedicated to making shidduchim for Jewish singles of all backgrounds. To submit your information to our Shidduch database, click here. Email us if you have any questions.

Shiurim & Ongoing Lecture Series

Sisterhood regularly sponsors adult education classes and shiurim including:

  • The Rabbi Meir and Rebbetzin Tovah Feldman Shabbos Mevarchim Lecture Series
  • The Rabbi Dr. Abraham Stern Pirkei Avot Series

Enhancing Our Yomim Tovim

We also run special programs for each holiday on the Jewish calendar including:

  • Shul-wide Mishloach Manot Program
  • Shavout Learning refreshments
  • Rosh HaShanah greeting cards
  • Simchat Torah Women's Tisch
  • Publication of Shema Koleinu – a compilation of divrei Torah written by members of the community.

Special Programs & Events

Sisterhood organizes special events for families, kids and programs just for the ladies as a reward to ourselves. Some of the recent and ongoing events are:

  • Art Auctions
  • Soup Side Salad & Sweets Sampler
  • Ladies Night Out
  • Ladies Summer Softball League
  • Game Show Nights
  • Aliyah Teas
  • Family Picture Day
  • Ladies Night Camp - ceramics, jewelry making, spa night and much more
  • Young at Hearts - Programs and events for senior members. Speakers, movie night, theater, museums & more

Chesed Programs

Sisterhood is involved in all aspects of Chesed and encourages all its members to participate.

  • Chesed Rides – Drive members to doctors appointments, run errands and deliver meals to families in times of crisis. Please contact Dina Selesny if you are in need of a ride or can volunteer to drive others.
  • Chesed Meals – A true team effort with a huge number of participants. If you are in need of meals or would like to volunteer to cook for those in need please contact Alyssa Schuck, Sari Kahn, Malkie Merrill and Rachel Rosenbaum

For all other chesed requests, (i.e. visiting the sick, grocery shopping, shofar blowing and megillah reading at home etc) please contact Rachel Sacknovitz or Sylvia Borenstein


Sisterhood currently operates two gemachs whose goal is to ease the burden on strained financing while supporting the Rabbi's Charity Fund.

Floral Centerpiece Gemach
Rent beautiful floral arrangements at very reasonable prices.

Clothing Closet
A clothing exchange to help us empty and then re-fill our closets. Shabbos outfits, school clothes, comforters, shower curtains, dishes and much more!

Sun, 30 April 2017 4 Iyyar 5777