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01/13/2018 וארא / Teves 26 Open Register Now
01/20/2018 בא / Shevat 4 Open Register Now
01/27/2018 בשלח / Shevat 11 Name Mike and Debbie Gerver, parents of Miriam Donath

02/03/2018 יתרו / Shevat 18 Name Brick Family

02/10/2018 משפטים / Shevat 25 Open Register Now
02/17/2018 תרומה / Adar 2 Open Register Now
03/10/2018 ויקהל-פקודי / Adar 23 Name David and Arielle Cohen and Jordan and Zahava San Emeterio

03/17/2018 ויקרא / Nisan 1 Name Melissa and Ephi Strazynski

03/24/2018 הגדול / צו / Nisan 8 Name Gwen and Ethan Soskel and Joy and Sruli Szpigiel

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