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YIWH 66th Anniversary Dinner

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Meet The Honorees

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 Dr. Ron and Caryn Lenefsky - Guests of Honor

Caryn and Ron Lenefsky have enjoyed living in West Hempstead for almost 25 years. Caryn grew up in West Hempstead and both her parents and grandparents lived here and are long-time members of the Young Israel.  Caryn has been involved over the years in Emunah, Amit and the HANC PTA. She currently teaches Nursery BET at HANC Early Childhood Center.

Ron is a busy Internist and Infectious Disease physician and is Chief of the Division of Infectious Disease at Northwell Health - South Shore University Hospital in Bay Shore.  Ron has given several talks in shul on varying medical topics over the years at the request of Rabbi Kelemer, zt”l. Over the past 10 months, Ron has advised, counseled and helped guide us all to navigate a safe path through the unprecedented times that COVID brought upon us. He has given an unlimited amount of his time answering questions and helping to create the policies our Shul has adopted in order to keep our members safe. There were many calls between Rabbi Kelemer, zt"l, Ron and Arthur in the early days of COVID that went well past midnight, as you can all imagine. We appreciate his devotion, as well as Caryn’s patience and willingness to share her family's time with Ron with our Shul.  


Tsvi Kushner - Community Service Award 

It has been 20 years since Tsvi Kushner joined the West Hempstead Community and our Young Israel. Tsvi has been involved in multiple aspects of the community and the Shul which is a central component of Tsvi’s personal and communal life.
After moving to West Hempstead in 2001, Tsvi first became involved in the Parent Child Learning Program. That was the catalyst that turned into a spot on the Youth Committee, which he eventually chaired. Since then, Tsvi has been a Board member for many years, Financial Secretary, Vice President, and currently Recording Secretary. After being on the Dinner and House Committees and inside the shul for too long, Tsvi figured out how to go to shul but not actually be IN shul by joining the security committee and taking a leadership role in CSS.
Tsvi was instrumental in bringing Tomchei Shabbos to our community leading, to the formation of the Bruce Wenger Food Bank of West Hempstead. He continues to run and coordinate the Food Bank, ensuring many families with food insecurity have whatever they may need.  Tsvi is also a member of our Chevrah Kadisha.
Tsvi and Ruchi, along with their children, Ezra, Avi and Nili have opened their home to be a foster family to twins, Naomi and Joe. In making the community and shul such a priority in his life, he has created an opportunity for all of his children, as well as inspiring all of us in the importance of Chessed, Torah, Tefilla and Community Service. 

Gari Ann Harris - Aishes Chayil Award

In the summer of 2013, Gari Ann and Mordechai Harris moved into West Hempstead, ready to begin their newly appointed positions as Teen Youth Directors. In this capacity, they got to know many incredible teens along with their families. They hosted weekly kiddushim (cholent for 100!), as well as Shabbat lunches and Shalosh Seudot. In addition, they chaperoned memorable trips, events, and of course conducted the weekly teen minyan.
After serving as youth director for two wonderful years, Gari Ann joined Sisterhood and immediately took the position of chairperson of the Welcoming Committee. This job afforded her the opportunity to meet and speak with countless new families moving into our community. In addition, she helped to coordinate our annual New Members Tea and enjoy being a part of the buddy system which helps set up new families with existing members to ease their transition into the community. 
As Sisterhood Vice President for the past 3 years, a role in which Gari Ann is currently serving, her involvement expanded to helping coordinate Sisterhood’s Ladies Night Camp, cooking demos, as well as, the successful challah bake. 
Presently, and for the past three years, she is serving as a member of the YIWH Board of Trustees. Last year she organized a collection of D’vrei Torah to be shared electronically with shul members as part of the Shavout learning program while also guiding our youth in the decoration of the Shul. This past summer, when all of our children’s summer programs were being canceled, Gari Ann ran the Shul’s first summer program for youth ages 2-5 with incredible success.
Living in the West Hempstead community with her husband, Rabbi Mordechai, and children, Eitan, Tova and Leah, Gari Ann hopes to continue to help make the Young Israel grow for many years to come.

Harvey Liebman - Keter Shem Tov award 

Harvey Liebman moved into West Hempstead with his family more than 50 years ago. He has been living here since he was eleven years old. He has served many roles throughout his years in West Hempstead. He was a Youth Leader, Treasurer, Vice-President and President. He continues to participate in the Shul as a member of the Board of Directors and sits on various committees including CSS and organizing seats for the High Holidays. 
If there is ever an issue in the Shul, Harvey can handle it all. From greeting you at the door of the Shul, making sure you are comfortable, handling your financial issues, Harvey does it all. When not seeing Harvey in Shul, you were always able to find him side by side with Rabbi Kelemer, zt”l, walking him from place to place no matter the weather or distance.
Harvey was a partner in the accounting firm of Loeb & Troper for approximately thirty-five years. Harvey also contributed to the larger West Hempstead and Jewish Community through his dedicated service to HANC as Treasurer and President. He is currently the Treasurer for the Religious Zionists of America (RZA).
Harvey’s commitment and dedication to the shul  knows no bounds  and  is equal to none.  He has been a long standing and outstanding pillar of our community. 


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Wed, May 12 2021 1 Sivan 5781