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YIWH 65th Annual Dinner - 2020

Sunday, September 6, 2020 17 Elul 5780

6:00 PM - 10:00 PMVirtual

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1950's - Eddie Rosenblum

Edmund Rosenblum was born in Vienna on July 27th, 1920. He was the youngest of four children born to Jon and Celia Rosenblum. His father served in the Austria-Hungarian army during World War I, and he owned a custom tailor shop in the 2nd District of Vienna underneath the family’s apartment, where he made custom clothing and kapotas for the Hasidim.  Eddie followed in his father’s footsteps and became a master tailor, first under his father’s tutelage and then going off on his own establishing a successful business for over 35 years in Garden City, New York.

Ed saw Hitler (Y"MS) marching down the streets of Vienna shortly after the Anschluss and he witnessed the carnage of Kristallnacht in November 1938.  Since an uncle already emigrated to the US several years before, he was able to sponsor the family; most were eventually able to leave Austria.

Eddie arrived in New York at the pier on West 50th Street with his older sister Mitzi on a cold, wet morning on February 3rd, 1939. The optimism and energy that he brought with him that day has never left. By the following Monday, he had a job as a tailor paying $10 a week.
He was drafted into the US Army in 1942 and was sent back to Europe–to Normandy Beach in late July 1944--and served with the 569th QuarterMaster Company, also working as an interpreter. In 1945, Ed was sent to Manila in the Pacific where he designed and constructed the new Philippine flag. The Jewish “boys” in the army helped restore the synagogue in Manila that was destroyed earlier and Eddie was given a lifelong synagogue membership.
Introduced through an army buddy’s wife, Ed corresponded with and then married Sara “Shirley” Levin from Bensonhurst in 1947. They were happily married for 66 years until her passing five years ago. Together they raised four children: Harvey of Jamaica Estates, Barbara of Newton, Massachusetts, Janice of West Hempstead, and Stuart of West Orange, New Jersey. He has 11 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

In 1955, Ed purchased Edward Mitchell, Inc., an ailing tailor shop in Garden City, NY, and transformed it into a center of fine European crafted custom tailoring. He attracted many well-known politicians and sports figures, including Joe Namath and Al Toon of the New York Jets. He sold the business in 1993 but pursued his retirement as a "Continuing Learner" at Adelphi University, specializing in history and psychology.

Ed moved with his family to West Hempstead in October 1956 and became the 12th member of the Young Israel of West Hempstead. Harvey was enrolled in the second class at HANC and Stuart graduated from HANC High School in 1979.  While Ed made the first mechitzah at the shul and was readily available with his expertise, Shirley was an active member of the YI sisterhood and Amit.

Ed is forever grateful to the United States for taking him in and he wears his patriotism proudly; he wears his WWII Veterans cap every day and displays the American flag in front of his home on July 4th and Memorial Day.  He frequently participates in Veteran Day activities and takes every opportunity to share his story with young people.
He is most thankful to the HK"BH for Arichas Yomim and the opportunity to have raised a beautiful family with his aishes chayil, Shirley.  Last but not least, a sincere and deep hakaras hatov to the Young Israel of West Hempstead community for the overwhelming love and support he receives on a daily basis. 

1960's - Arnold and Mille Levine

Arnold and Millie Levine moved into West Hempstead in 1965 with their six month old daughter, Debby. Their subsequent children, Michael and Deena, were later born in West Hempstead. From the beginning, the Young Israel community was warm and welcoming to them. Rabbi Kanatopsky and Rabbi Fendel set the standard for learning and ‘Ahavas Eretz Yisroel.’  When Rabbi Kanatopsky made Aliyah, Rabbi Gold brought the Eruv, which helped all the young families enjoy Shabbos much more. Of course, Rabbi Kelemer has been their inspiration and guiding light these wonderful years, making the West Hempstead Young Israel family the outstanding place they love so much.

Immediately after moving to West Hempstead, Arnold and Millie became active in the community. Millie took on roles at HANC, Sisterhood, and Amit while raising her family and pursuing a teaching career.  Some may remember her decades of selling JNF trees for various occasions.  As Sisterhood social secretary, she welcomed new families and brought gifts to families with new babies, among other activities. 

Arnold was a member of the Young Israel Board of Trustees for decades. Additionally, he served as a delegate to the National Council of Young Israel, as well as the shul financial secretary, vice president, and president, all while working as a business executive and chief financial officer.  

Their son and daughter-in-law, Michael and Simcha, moved back into West Hempstead to raise their family. Part of the beauty of West Hempstead is that all generations live here, including those who grew up here, married, and returned, as well as those younger families who moved in and then brought their parents. 

During the past 50 years, Arnold and Millie have enjoyed traveling to more than 80 countries. Now, they spend part of each year at their home in West Hempstead and several months at their home in Jerusalem.

While it is an honor to be recognized for community service, they honor and appreciate the Young Israel of West Hempstead for all it has done for them and their family.

1970's - Annalee and Willy Ickowics

Annalee & Willy Ickowics have been active members of the West Hempstead community since they moved into the neighborhood in 1977. Willy has been a member of the West Hempstead Food Bank committee and is also a shomer for the Chevra Kadisha. In addition, he and Annalee were the chairpeople of HANC’s Shnat Hasefer project and spearheaded this fundraiser for a year and a half, which raised $200,000 for HANC.

Annalee is truly a dedicated and committed individual who cares about everyone. She taught at HANC for 22 years and was highly regarded by many. When Rabbi Moshe Gottesman (A”H) and Mrs. Pearl Greene established the Gottesman Learning Center – Pearl Greene Sunday Morning Smile Program, Annalee taught there and has been its director for 26 years. This program has been invaluable as it gives special needs children the opportunity to get a Jewish Education at their own individual level. She was also a Brownie leader for West Hempstead girls at HANC.

In addition to her involvement at HANC, Annalee has been very devoted to the Young Israel of West Hempstead. She was the 3rd vice president of the Young Israel, the girls’ Junior Congregation leader for 11 years, a member of the youth committee, a member of the food bank committee, an active participant of the Chevra Kadisha, as well as an active member and social secretary for the YIWH sisterhood.

In her spare time, Annalee involved herself with AMIT, was the co-president of the West Hempstead chapter of Ohel, was the Director of the Ohel Summer Transition Camp on Long Island, and is a member of the West Hempstead Community Scholarship Fund.

To sum up Annalee & Willy Ickowics…they are a special couple who are a tremendous asset to the West Hempstead community at large and who genuinely deserve to be honored.

1980's - Sharon and Leib Muchnick

Sharon and Leib Muchnick both grew up in Cedarhurst, NY, but they first met each other at Queens College in 1974. They married in 1977 while Leib was in chiropractic school and Sharon worked for the Social Security Administration. After graduation, Leib started a chiropractic practice in Cedarhurst and Flushing, and Sharon began a freelance art and illustration business, working from home.

In 1983, they decided to look for a house and community to raise their growing family, particularly a community with a small town feel.  After much searching, they and their little boy, Avi, settled in West Hempstead. Three more children followed: Elisheva, Daniel, and Shira. All attended HANC elementary school.

Leib moved his chiropractic practice to West Hempstead and Sharon added volunteer work for Amit, MANC, HANC, and the Young Israel to her daily routine. Many a Yom Tov or set of Yomim Noraim would feature Leib's beautiful davening for the Young Israel.  

In 2006, Sharon went back to government work and is currently Regional Property Manager for the Long Island Region of the New York State Department of Transportation. 
The three oldest children have married and blessed Sharon and Leib with eight beautiful grandchildren. Avi and Erica live with their four children, Kayla, Ethan, Rafi and Sarelle in Woodsburgh. Daniel and Miriam live with their baby daughter, Sloane, in Brooklyn. Shira resides in Manhattan. Elisheva and Darren have made West Hempstead their home with their three children, Sammy, Asher, and Bency, and they are active members of the Young Israel.

Sharon and Leib want to thank the Young Israel for this wonderful honor and the community of West Hempstead for 37 terrific years.

1990's - David and Tzippora Baratz

David and Tzippora Baratz moved from Forest Hills to West Hempstead and became YIWH members in May 1994. They brought up their four children in West Hempstead who now live all over the world--Daniella, Elie, and grandson Dovi in Israel, Eytan and Talia in Cambridge, and Talia and Yael at home in West Hempstead. Throughout their time in West Hempstead, David and Tzippora have both been incredibly active in the Young Israel and overall West Hempstead community.

Tzippora has been part of the Sisterhood Cooking Squad, graciously helping those in need of a meal, and is a Bake Sale and Soup, Side, and Salad contributor. She has also been an AMIT committee member and a HANC PTA committee volunteer. Tzippora has also been quite involved in MANC, serving as vice president and president.

David has served many roles within the Young Israel, including as a board member, gabbai shlishi, financial secretary, treasurer, vice president, and, most notably, president. He has also generously given of his time to several Young Israel committees, namely the Yizkor Book, Kol Nidre, UJA, Decorum, House, Dinner, Security, CSS, Expansion, Board Review, and Financial Oversight committees. In all his spare time, David is also an EMT with Hatzalah, a NORPAC area leader, and a HANC Bazaar and Auction volunteer.

David and Tzippora have contributed so much to our community and are well-deserving of this honor.

2000's - Naomi and Yitzy Hollander

Naomi and Yitzy Hollander moved to West Hempstead with their family in 2004. They have raised their children here and become very involved in the Young Israel community, contributing both their time and their skills.

Naomi has been a member of the Young Israel Sisterhood and has also served as chairman of the Young Israel Youth Committee for five years. She was a Young Israel board member and took on the role of recording secretary.

Yitzy is a regular baal koreh and baal tefilah at the ECC minyan and in various other minyanim, where he continuously inspires the kehilla. He also serves as head of the ECC Kiddush Club, where all are welcome.

Naomi and Yitzy have been true assets to the community and continue to give as the West Hempstead community grows. It is a privilege to honor them!

2010's - Shaun and Michelle Zeitlin

Shaun and Michelle Zeitlin moved in to West Hempstead in January 2012 with their baby son Hunter. Since then, they have been involved in many aspects of our shul. They worked with others to start the Young Families Minyan and weekly kiddush, Breakfast Club for groups, and the annual family Purim Seudah, which is a unique unifying community event that brings together multi-generations of West Hempsteaders to celebrate Purim together. 

Michelle is also an active board member and serves on the welcoming committee, hospitality committee, and youth committee. The Zeitlins, now with four young children--Hunter, Spencer, Carter and Taylor, love being part of our very special community and continue to open their house almost weekly for Shabbos meals, Shabbos mincha and maariv, and Super Bowl parties.

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