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High Holiday Seat Selection: 2022


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Dear Friends,
We hope this letter finds you well. We are once again looking forward to a meaningful and impactful Yomim Noraim season as a kehillah.

As seat selection begins next week , our shul looks to continue  to serve our community in the best way possible Most importantly, please remember that while we are privileged and excited to offer many options to our dedicated membership and community, we are still one kehillah bound by a sacred mission of achdus, shalom, chessed and avodas hakodesh.

Please see the updated list of minyan options below.

We thank you all for your dedication to our mission and shul. It is each of you who make our shul a special place to daven, learn and come together. Wishing you all a meaningful and successful Yomim Noraim.

May you and yours be showered with blessings of health, success, and all that you pray for.

With great respect and appreciation,

Rabbi Goller, the YIWH Administration and Gabbaim

Yomim Noraim
1- Mesorah minyanim (MS, KR, YIN)  --These minyanim combine classic Yomim Noraim davening with contemporary song and ruach. 

2- Yeshiva minyan (BM) ---This minyan focuses on singing, ruach and creating the yeshiva atmosphere which many of us recall from our days in yeshiva. 

3- HANC Lunchroom minyan (HLR) --This minyan offers a Beis Midrash style feel. Singing, Ruach and Inspiration guide the tefillos. 

4- Zerizin minyan (IGYW)  --This minyan begins earlier and has a strong focus on balancing meaning  with efficiency (Several past attendees davened here to allow others in their family to attend a later minyan).
5- Sephardic minyan (625 Hempstead Ave) ---This minyan maintains nusach, structure and beautiful flavor of traditional Sephardic davening.

6- Tent minyan (YIWH tent)   - This minyan is for those  who  are more comfortable with an outdoor option. The minyan will maintain the beauty of the Yomim Noraim davening, while still being mindful of the concerns of those who choose to daven there.
This minyan can only meet if there are sufficient participants
7- Explanatory minyan  (IGYW) -- The davening is enhanced with brief explanations throughout the davening, focusing on insights into specific tefilot. It follows the practice of the Vilna Gaon in eliminating nonessential piyyutim, to make space for additional insights. Rabbi Mark Dratch coordinates this service. (Please Note: This is not a beginner's service).


Sun, February 25 2024 16 Adar I 5784