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YIWH Welcomes Young Families

מעשה אבות סימן לבנים

"Acts of the parents are signs for the children"

The Young Families minyan is a very nice chevra of families looking for a nice serious (quiet from the adults) davening that is family friendly.


The YIWH Young Families Minyan


Shabbat August 11, Av 30 


Rosh Chodesh Elul / Re'eh


Davening will start at 9:15am in the Joel Phillips Beis Medrash located in the Ira Goldschmiedt Youth Wing


Breakfast club for kids starts at 9am at HANC, room 113

Groups start at 9:45 am and end at 11:15 am

The Baby toddler room is located in the Ira Goldschmiedt Youth Wing


This week's Young Families Minyan Hot kiddush is sponsored by
Rivie and Avi Blum in honor of their new daughter Emmy
Talia and Akiva Fried in honor of the birth of their daughter Adina Hailey 
Sushi from Stop, Chop & Roll sponsored by Jackie and Yoni Schreier in honor of Ely’s 3rd birthday

Welcome to all of the new families that have moved in over the past few months

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Sun, September 23 2018 14 Tishrei 5779